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 H> I seem to have an infestation of snails in my 55 gal tank.  They have
 H> small spiral shaped shells and are more flat than tall.  Every morning I
 H> see about twenty on the glass and I scoup them out with a net only to
 H> see more reappear.  Is there something I can add to kill the snails or
 H> stop new eggs from hatching without harming fish or plants?  Any
 H> recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  They are also starting to
 H> attack some of the amazon swords and other plants.

You are in trouble. I never yet saw a succesful attempt of
getting rid of those snails :( In small numbers they're
great since they eagerly eat algae, but once they start
breeding like heck, there is just nothing you can do, except
doing what you are doing, meaning controlling their number
by picking them out day by day :( Sorry about the sad news
:( I have not yet heard of any medicine that would kill the
eggs and not harm the fish. However, you may try getting
some Tiger Botias - they _like_ snails ;))) MEaning they
like eating them in large numbers :)

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