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Sep 10 21:56:00 1995
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Subject: Re: Amano book & thanks to Karen


> Thank you very much for your wonderful plants!  They arrived in 
> yesterday.  The anubias were about 5 times the size of ones I ha
> in stores & the root systems were incredible!  (Almost as much r
> as there were leaves!).  Which tank system of yours did they com
> substrate?, substrate heating?, CO2 levels? Fe levels? Any speci
> fertilizer? lighting levels?)

I told you they were big.<g>

They came out of my 55G Discus tank, which is set up exactly the 
same as my 70G (good light, CO2, trace element supplementation, 
fine gravel w/laterite) EXCEPT that this tank is the one with the 
UGF/heater system.  Anubias does well in all my tanks, but grows 
phenominally in this tank.