Re: Amano book & thanks to Karen


Thank you very much for your wonderful plants!  They arrived in the mail
yesterday.  The anubias were about 5 times the size of ones I have bought
in stores & the root systems were incredible!  (Almost as much root system
as there were leaves!).  Which tank system of yours did they come from? (peat
substrate?, substrate heating?, CO2 levels? Fe levels? Any specific brand of
fertilizer? lighting levels?)

Regarding the Amano book

I agree with Mike regarding prefering to spend more for a good copy of Amano's
second book.  I love the first book & it was the best $30 I've spent probably
& a bargain at $30.  The pictures continue to amaze me.

As to his CO2 vs pH vs KH readings, I myself have sometimes found that my
own reading do not agree with the table.  I believe the table & think that
the inaccuracy's are in the measurements.  I particularly don't think the
Tetra kits are that accurate.  Though surely Amano doesn't use Tetra kits
for everything (as advertised in the book) since the Tetra CO2 kit does
not give specific results in ppm (just whether it is too high or too low).
I use Tetra's pH, GH & KH kits, but LaMotte CO2 kit.