Re: Nature Aqaurium World Vol II

> I am surprised that there will be a different version of the book. The
> copy of the book which I picked up in Japan last year had text in BOTH
> English and Japanese. The text is pretty limited, though. I thought
> about ordering some copies for resale, but did not think anyone would
> pay $80+ for a picture book.  Hopefully, Axelrod will bring the price
> down again. The cost of the first book in Japanese was around $70, and
> TFH retailed it for $30. It will be a shame if the picture quality
> goes down. The pictures are fantastic; better that those in the first
> edition.
> - --Neil
I for one would have been thrilled to get ahold of the second volume of
Amano's work.  $30 was a bargain for the TFH volume but I'd be more than
happy to spend $80 on a second volume.  Is there any way of obtaining
this book here in the states?  I would rather spend the $80 for the
Japanese edition if the US edition will be of inferior quality.
The first volume is a great coffee table book.