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 DH>     I think I have an overpopulation of the Malaysian livebearing
 DH> snails 
 DH>     (the conical-shaped snails) and my echonidorus (ruby mellon sword)
 DH> is 
 DH>     getting tiny little pin-prick holes up and down the leaf until it
 DH> rots 
 DH>     through and I don't think it's a nutritional disturbance--I think
 DH> it's 
 DH>     the snails....they even come out during the daytime.
 DH>     Is there an easy way to remove them--I've been removing 40 each
 DH> night 
 DH>     from my 40 gallon--crushing some for fish food and relocating some
 DH> to 
 DH>     other thanks.
 DH>     Any recommendations and/or testimonials of similar problems?
 DH>     Dave

Melanoides tuberculata have a tendency to breed like
rabbits, and unfortunately I have not yet seen a case of
someone being able to get rid of them. However, I have also
never seen a Melanoides tuberculata harm a plant, since they
live on detryus (remains of food, rotten roots and leaves,
etc) and don't attack live plants, at least from my
experience and experience of a couple of my colleagues.

The only way you can try removing them, however, I don't
know what effect will this have on your plants, using the
"lack of oxygen" method. They come up at the glass sides
when they are lacking oxygen, so if you make sure they don't
get enough (I don't know if you have any fish in there, if
you do, remove them beforehands for a couple of hours or so)
for example, I guess this should work, by adding CO2
injections to the tank. When they're on the side of the
glass, near the surface you can remove them then. Another
method would be putting some fish food in a small flat
container on the bottom, and then after about 1 or 2 hours
of darkness turing on the light and take them out with the
container. Repeat as many times as necessary.

However, I have doubts if this is the reason of your
Echiinodorus rotting.

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