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> From: bhoffma1 at ix_netcom.com (Robert Hoffman )
> Date: Fri, 8 Sep 1995 07:17:46 -0700
> John,
> I do not know if they are self-fertile, but if you use a small artists 
> paint brush and brush the flowers that should better ensure 
> pollination.  Can you provide any information on how long you have been 
> growing your A. mad, aquarium conditions, and anything else that may 
> help others successfully grow this species?
> Bob


My knowledge and experience with A. madagascariensis is rather limited, 
but I can tell you as much as I know.

This partcular lace plant I obtained cheaply about 4 weeks ago. It was in 
poor condition and the store was just trying to get rid of it. It had 
about 4-5 small and skinny leaves which were almost whitish in color. 
Since I planted it in my tank, it has grown very quickly, producing one new 
leaf every other day. Unfortunately some of its older leaves have been 
covered with beard algae, and I have been removing them as soon as a new 
leaf is produced. The newer leaves look healthy and are fairly large (~2' 
long). There are currently 12-15 large leaves covering the middle 1/3 of 
my 90gal tank. The flowering stock appeared two days ago and have reached 
the water surface in 36 hours or so.

Conditions: water temp 78 F, pH=6.9, dKH=6, dGH=10, CO2 injection, 240w 
fluorescent lighting, aqualine buschke laterite mixed in with fine river 
gravel substrate. 25% water change 1/week.

I have a feeling the plant is not going to last once it uses up its 
stored nutrients. That's why I hope the seeds are fertile. Steve Pushak 
had one that flowered, and I am sure he will tell us what happened to the 

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