Re: Flourish analysis

Joanne said:
> I have a new batch of this on order also & also have a Univ. soils lab
> nearby where I can get an analysis done for $10 if nobody else has done
> this already.  i think this analysis is just for minerals & I can look
> in to how much a vitamin & amino acid analysis would cost also, since 
> Flourish is advertised to be a "Plant supplement which contains eessential
> trace elements, vitamins and amino acids to stimulate growth of aquarium
> plants".

Sounds good. No time now but I could contact the Seachem guy next week
for further info if no one else does by then. The analysis would confirm
or supplement any info he gave us.

> have duplarit G & K & could get some analysed

This would be the elemental breakdowns and not as handy as the
compounds which I think we know from the jkelly article and others.