Re: Straw for algae control

> From: shaji
> >I suspect the straw contains allelopathic chemicals which suppress
> >algae growth. Straw comes from wheat, barley or oats which are just
> >big domestic grasses; dead grass probably works too. Ever notice how
> >nothing much else grows in a healthy lawn but grass? Same principle.
> It seems the use of straw for algae control in ponds is fairly well known.
> There was a huge discussion in rec.ponds about this a year or so ago.  I did
> not pay much attention, because I did not see myself putting straw into
> my tanks.  Perhaps someone with a sump will be more willing to try it.

The TAG article said the chemicals were phenols mainly bound in the
cell structure of the plant but are released when the plant dies and
decays. One experiment would be to put straw into a large jar of water
for a few days and then add this to the aquarium. Much less messy and
might even have infusoria! Anything nasty in straw we should know
about? When it starts really rotting?