Re: Australian laterite sources

>Maybe that's a good source of laterite!!! I know one person who reckons 
>he knows a place up there, but of course he won't tell me ;)
>Does anyone in Australia know of any laterite sources?

Hi Steve,

        I can tell you that the Duplarit K sold here is not imported from
elsewhere because of paranoia among Australian customs agents - they're very
wary of plants/soils/anything to do with farming or camping here. Instead,
Duplarit is collected in Queensland (I think) and mixed with some bauxite.
An extra label in the box provides this info. 

        Does Duplarit contain significant amounts of added aluminium oxides
in North America/Europe, or is the Australian market getting a unique
cocktail ? My plants seem to enjoy it nonetheless.

Hope this helps,

Marcus C. Tate
School of Earth Sciences
Macquarie University
Sydney, N.S.W
2109, Australia

mtate at laurel_ocs.mq.edu.au