Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #293

Subject: Babys Tears

> > It grows wild in Florida, and is shown on the Florida University video t
> > of aquatic plants.  It is also known as "Babys Tears" and grows both eme
> > and submerged.  Funny thing is that I have had the emersed form (from th
> > grocery store florist department) growing in my Paludarium for years.  I
> > noticed that the parts that strayed underwater seemed perfectly happy, b
> > never made the connection until I saw the tape.  Just assumed they were 
> > different plants with the same common name!<g>
> >
> > Karen

> Karen,
> There is another housplant by the common name Baby's Tears (Soleirolia
> soleirolli) but I'm pretty sure it is not the same stuff as in the 
> aquarium books - unless it grows a much thicker stem & leaves underwater.
> This stuff would also do great in a Paludarium I think since it loves
> to be kept moist & misted (I grow it in terrariums) but I don't know
> how it would go completely wet.  I could not find any Hemianthus or
> Micranthemum species in my housplant books :-(.  Please let me know
> if you think this is the same or a different plant.

I don't know for sure.  I don't know that much about house plants in 
general.  I do know that the tapes say that the plant grows both emersed and 
submerged, and at least on the tape (which is not _very_ close up) it looks 
to be the same plant I have.