Re: Jim Kelly

> From: "John Y. Ching" <jyching at watnow_uwaterloo.ca>
> > From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com
> > I think there are a number of people using vermiculite for over 2 years.
> > Jim Kelly for one and I'm pretty sure he's still lurking on this list.
> Then we newbies would love to hear from you.

Oops! :%) Don't know how I got it in my brain that Jim was on our list.
Checked with Shaji and he's definitely not. I've had a few email exchanges
with Jim, who is quite busy, and asked him if he would share some of his
vermiculite experiences with us. Our mail gateway has been down for a few
days, so I've been out of touch. Several of my posts may appear all at
once and a few days late. Hope I haven't missed anything!