"The George's" Video

George and everyone,

I just recieved your book and video, it was in the mail when I got home last
nite; I just mailed the check a few days ago! Thanks George! I really love your
tanks. I am inspired.  This weekend I intend to take all my plants out, take
out the wood, clean all the algae off the wood and replant everything in a more
organized manner.  And I want all the Dupla products too. I can't do substrate
heating or even any kind of CO2 except DIY yeast, I can't afford it. But I can
improve what I have. All you plant people on the list, I highly recomend the
video and book, there is a lot of good info in the book, and the video will
knock your socks off.  George, thanks again for being so prompt, and for
putting together such incredible tanks. If anyone else out there has beautiful
tanks and access to a video camara ( you could rent one) this is a great idea.
And I bet George makes a few bucks too! <G>

Carol Darnell