Efficiency of Lightning


 to allow some comparison between different kinds of lightning, I will list
the total amount of emitted light (lm) per Watt of electrical energy (W). The
numbers are taken from a catalog of a German bulb manufacturer.

 kind of bulb            efficiency (lm/W)
                        (the higher the number, the better)

 normal fluorescent
 (light colors 25, 29, 33)      72

 Trilux, Lumilux
 (light colors 827, 830,
 840, 865)                      93

 VHO fluorescent                60

 Metal Halide
 75 Watt                        56
 150, 250 Watt                  around 70

 Simple lights bulbs and halide light bulbs are not listed in the catalog.
Their efficiency is rather bad.

 Robert (Germany)

  E-mail from: Robert Miehle, 06-Sep-1995