Laterite and ugf

One thing I forgot in the previous post.  With the experience of having 
the case 1 tank clear up in time we experimented and dropped a tablespoon 
of laterite powder into the tank.  Not surprisingly it became clouded 
very quickly as the laterite dispersed.  But within 24 hours the tank was 
clear again.  I think it was Dave G. who suggested this would not work 
but I think you will be surprised at how temporary the clouding is.  It 
could well be that dosing a tank every couple of months would put enough 
laterite through the substrate to do some good.
Gads there are lots of variables to mess with if you want to get 
experimental about things.  Problem with most of these "experiments" is 
that information is interesting but not conclusive due to lack of 
complete measurements and more importatly a lack of control tank.  But 
that won't stop most of us.  A word of caution though - - don't take any 
of these results as Gospel.  With over 300 variables that can be 
measured, even the control tank would be less than perfect.