Re: Broken tank

Dave Gomberg wrote:
>Expert, not!  But here goes:  The problem you have is not strength, your 
>bottom is still .5".  The problem is the crack/leakage.  You need to seal.
>To seal, just use window glass.  You are not trying to hold the tank
>together, you are just trying to seal it.  To be really careful, put one glass
>patch on the inside and one on the outside.   Dave

I guess I need to make a few more observations:  The tank bottom (2' x 4') was
originally drilled with two 3/4" holes through the bottom.  The floor has 
spider-webbed from one of the holes, not just cracked.  A previous owner tried 
to fix it with two pieces of window glass and a piece or plexiglass on the 
bottom and just wound up making a mess.  I will need to remove the bottom and 
replace it to fix this tank.

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