Micranthenum spec.

On page 111 of TOA Horst & Kipper have a photo of a smallish
(mid-tank) plant with lanceolate leaves they call Micanthenum
umbrosum. Amano uses this plant as well in many of his tanks. Dennerle
lists several Micanthenum spec. (M 30 - M 33) and gives them the
common name of `Helzine' and says they orginate from America. However,
if you open Yoshimo/Kobayashi's "The Natural Aquarium" you'll see what
appears to be the same plant called Hemianthus micranthemoides. And James
does not include this plant in his book.

Do any of you have any experience with this plant and know where I
might get some? (Since it's suppose to be an American plant you would
think I would have seen it before, but I haven't.) What is it's correct name?

Dan Resler

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