Effects of peat & tannic acids

Hi Everyone,

It's been about 3 years since I first read The Optimum Aquarium (TOA) and
I decided to find my copy & read through parts of it again today.  I have
come across some interesting statements which I'm not sure if I agree with.
The first that I'd like to start up a discussion on is regarding peat.

TOA says "Peat filtration provides unfavourable conditions for water plants
in the aquarium.  Humic and yeast acids in peat have a negative effect on
growth, particularly in the first critical phase of the aquarium, e.g. during
the first two months.  Such obstacles should be prevented.
   In this connection, we should like to point out that bog wood placed in
the aquarium may have the same effect as peat.  In this case, we reccomend
a change of water, in order to remove the bog wood leachings from the water.
Since, in general water is to be prepared with peat, a change of water is
not practical."

I would like to know what others on this list think of these statements,
particularly those of you who have used peat in the substrate.  

George, you once mentioned that you thought Duplagan might contain hummic
compounds - why would Dupla put these in Duplagan if the book says they
are bad?  Should I just not be believing everything I read? :-).