Re: Laterite (what else?)

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>From: Hardjono.Harjadi at Eng_Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)
>>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
>>if you use a ugf, it is not clear what would  happen if you threw in a >>handful of laterite.  My guess is that you would have to tear the tank down >>and start over.  
>I have been using DuplaRit K, this is laterite that is formed into balls, in
>my 20 Gal planted tank with UGF for about a year now. The water is
>crystal clear.

I was referring to laterite (dust), not to fused laterite.  Tho I am glad to
hear of your (positive) experience.   Any experience with just tossing laterite
(dust) into a gravel tank with ugf?   Does it ever clear?   Where does the
laterite go?  Down to the top of the plate, or clear under the plate to the
bottom of the tank itself???   Inquiring minds want to know.   Dave

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