Laterite & UGF

>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
>Date: Fri, 01 Sep 95 17:17:27 PDT
>Subject: Re: Laterite
>John, I appreciate your desire to insulate newcomers from experimentation, but
>if you use a ugf, it is not clear what would  happen if you threw in a handful
>of laterite.  My guess is that you would have to tear the tank down and start
>over.  Dave
>Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com

Hi Dave,

I have been using DuplaRit K, this is laterite that is formed into balls, in
my 20 Gal planted tank with UGF for about a year now. The water is
crystal clear. I only see laterite dust when I vacuum the gravel and along the
bottom of the gravel bed. The plant growth that I sold in the aquarium society
auction has been more than enough pay back my laterite investment. It even
pays for my Dupla tablets and drops. 

This tank was originally set up with RUGF. Even then, the laterite did not
cloud the water. I switched to UGF because of space limitation. The smallest
powerhead with sponge pre-filter is Penguin 550 which is way too big for my