Re: H. corymbosa Plant Exchange

You wrote: 
From: stevensj at calshp_cals.wisc.edu
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 95 9:21:02 CDT
Subject: Re: Hygrophila species

I have a very similar setup to what you have described above except 
a 25 gal with 3-15 watt bulbs all on for 10 hours & I use all Dupla
fertilizer.  I have found that Hygrophila polysperma grows like a weed!
I tried growing H. corymbosa & H. difformis in this tank about a year
ago & they did not do well.  Do you want to trade some of your H. 
for some of my H. polysperma?!  I have grown crypt wendtii in my tank &
it did very well & provided a nice dark red contrast.  It grows quite 
slowly though compared to the other plants (I have apon. crispus, 
ludwigia, bacopa & some val in there also).



I would be happy to send you some H. corymbosa(?), however, I have 
given up on H. polysperma.  Do you have any extra crypts?  I need to 
know what size and how many corymbosa you want.  My large plants 
(12-13" in height) need to go ASAP since they are near the surface of 
the water.

I have not bought plants through the mail in 30 years so I not sure 
what the best way to ship them may be.  As I recall, putting them in 
plastic bags with wetted newspaper was the way it was done many moons 
ago.  Do you have any thoughts on this?  Anyway, let me know what you 
want in the way of plants.  We probably should continue this 
conversation via direct email.

If anyone else is interested in a plant exchange with H. corymbosa, let 
me know since I generally have to thin out the tank every month.  At 
the present, the plants go to the local aquarium store, but I would be 
happy to provide plants to anyone else who may be interested and has 
something of interest to exhange.