Re: Chinese algae eaters

> 	Are the chinese algea eaters good for control of algea in a
> planted tank?  I've seen the siamese algea eaters recommended before but
> have never seen 'em anywhere.  

Young Chinese AEs are rather effective green algae eaters, but when they
are older they concentrate on controlling the slime growth on their
tankmates sides.  Buy them, if you have green algae, can't find other
algae eaters and have some place where you can put them when they start
being a nuisance.  Otherwise, try some catfishes like Farlowellas, 
Otocincluses (schooling, and not very hardy) or Ancistruses (Bristlenoses,
hardy but might eat your plants instead of algae).

If you want more info on CAEs, SAEs and some other algae-eating Cyprinids,
check the article by Neil Frank and me from my homepage, URL below in my
.signature.  There are some new drawings too, but the CAE drawing isn't
yet working with all browsers.

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