Thoughts and things....

Hi folks,

Let me start by thanking Karen and George for their helpful comments on my
20 gal setup, which I posted details
of a couple of weeks ago. All plants are growing well with almost no algae
(except a small amount on the glass).

Anyway, I spent part of the weekend catching up with the aquatic-plant
archives, and read much of the April-May
debates regarding heating cables. Without wanting to dredge up that old holy
war again, I was just wondering
if two or three submersible heaters buried in the substrate and controlled
by a timer, would function similarly
to cables in SMALL (ie. <20 gal-ish) setups. This seems to be too obvious to
have been ignored, but I didn't
read about it this weekend. Obviously, this is too cumbersome for larger
tanks. So... any thoughts ?? I'm sure
it's effectiveness depends on your gravel thickness and spacing of the
heaters, but they could be added to 
established tanks without too much disturbance. Over to you.....

I also have a couple of regional questions, and one photography question:

1. Are there any aquatic clubs/societies in Sydney, Australia, especially
clubs with aquatic plant afficianados ?

2. Is anybody else on this list situated in either Sydney, New South Wales,
or eastern Aus., who would be
interested in trading plants with me - perhaps through the mail ? I would
also like to try and get some
Malaysian trumpet snails.....

3. Having set up my tank I would like to take some photos on a regular basis
(say every week) so that I can record its development. Does anybody have any
tips for photographing aquariums ? I imagine that it is not
as easy as it looks!

Thanks in advance for any/all replies, as always,


Marcus C. Tate
School of Earth Sciences
Macquarie University
Sydney, N.S.W
2109, Australia

mtate at laurel_ocs.mq.edu.au