Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #280

>Re:  Problem Form Idea
>When I was over on Fishnet, we had a "Check Up Form" that people could fill 
>out and submit if they were having a problem with their planted tank.  That 
>way we could help them without playing 20 questions.
>What do people think of doing the same kind of thing here?  We could either 
>put it in the FAQ, or maybe ask Erik if it could be stored in "The Krib".  I 
>don't mind helping people trouble shoot, but if I can run through the whole 
>tank set up at once, rather than getting the info piecemeal, it's usually a 
>lot easier.
>We could either have people post the answers here, or some of us could take 
>turns handling them through E-mail.  What do you all think?

First let me say that I enjoyed your article in AFM.

I believe the "Check Up Form" is a very good idea. The more information that
one has the easier it is for someone to help, so many variables.

I personaly would prefer that the answers be here on the list. I have
learned much from reading about others problems/questions.

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