Re: Broken tank

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995 15:39:04 -0400 you wrote:
>I have a 50 gallon short with a broken bottom.  The glass in the bottom 
>is 1/2" thick and is prohibitively expensive to replace.  I'm planning on >setting this tank up as a paladarium (3" substrate, 3" water).  I priced >3/8" glass and 1/4" glass.  The 3/8" was about $90 and the 1/4" was
>about $35.  
>I'm considering the following:
>1:  Just use 1/4" glass for the floor of the tank.
>2:  Laminate two 1/4" plates together.
>3:  Laminate four to six 1/8" plates together.
>4:  Forget it.
>Any sound advice from the glass experts on the list?

Expert, not!  But here goes:  The problem you have is not strength, your 
bottom is still .5".  The problem is the crack/leakage.  You need to seal.
To seal, just use window glass.  You are not trying to hold the tank
together, you are just trying to seal it.  To be really careful, put one glass
patch on the inside and one on the outside.   Dave

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com