New Light Setup

I was thinking of modifying my hood on my 60 gal plant tank so that it will
hold more light's then it has...I currently have 2 48 " light's that are
just the standard sit on the top of the tank type..What I would like to do
is drill some holes in the hood so that I can mount just the light's (no
balast's) and that way I can add more light.....I have enough room that I
can put 5 36" bulb's (hinges will not let me use the 48" bulbs with out
much a greater modification) in and still have room to open and close the
hood. do you think this would be to much light? Should I tone it down a bit
and do maybe only 3 or 4? Also can I just go out and buy some regular shop
type fixtures and balast's or do I really have to buy those expencive so
called "Aquarium" type fixtures? Send me any more Ideas if you got'em 
Anyway thank's in advance everyone  
Gary Alness    (misman at hooked_net)---------->