My original message to D. Swanson bounced back, so I'm posting to the list, 
if any other Canadians are interested...

Hi there, fellow Canadian!

I received a letter from AGA's secretary, D. Weimer, after having asked for 
subscription form, and she told me we should send the money in US funds.  I
didn't subscribe yet, but in my experience, when they ask for US funds, we
have to use either our credit cards or take out a money order.  I prefer the 

credit card method, but I don't know if I get better rates or not.

So, where are you from?  I now live in Fredericton.  I would like to know
where you shop, because I can't seem to find any stuff that is mentioned on
the list that would help me set up my tanks.  (laterite, heating coils, even 

peat!)  I wish there would be a Canadian mail-order company!

     Christelle Leger         christel at gov_nb.ca