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>Subject: Aquatic Gardener Magazine
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>Date: Thu, 17 Aug 1995 08:22:21 -0700 (PDT)
>Just a quick question about the money needed to subscribe to the
>Aquatic Gardener Magazine I have been hearing so much about.  I
>noticed that the subscription address is Canadian.  I assume that the
>subscription cost is in American dollars.  Is it OK for me to figure
>out the exchange and send Canadian money.

Our bank account is in the U.S., so checks need to be in U.S. dollars.  For
future reference, this information can be found at the AGA home page:

For those of you without access to the WWW, I copied the information here :
(The notice about U.S. dollars is at the bottom of the page and should be
mentioned earlier.  I will tell Jason)

    Membership in the Aquatic Gardeners Association

     $15.00/yr, U.S./Canada/Mexico
     $28.00/yr, All other countries
     Foreign subscription prices include Air Mail delivery

     Send check or money order to:

          Dorothy Reimer (Membership)
          83 Cathcart St.
          London, Ontario
          CANADA N6C 3L9

Sample Issue

     For a sample copy of The Aquatic Gardener, please send a check or money
order for $3 to Diana Walstad at the address below.

Back Issue Sales

     Volume 4: No. 1-6
     Volume 5: No. 1-6
     Volume 6: No. 1-6
     Volume 7: No. 1-5
     Volume 8: No. 1
     (Some back issues may be second printings of the original)

     $3 Each, Vol 7 No. 5 $5

     AGA Special Publication No. 1: Bibliography for Aquatic Gardeners $5
     (36 page bibliography of books and pamphlets on aquatic plants, ponds,
water gardens, algae and       seaweeds)

     Back issue and sample issue sales prices include postage
     Overseas: add $2.00 for each copy (air mail) or add additional $2.00
for each 12 copies (surface      mail).

     Send check or money order to:
     Diana Walstad
     2303 Mt. Sinai Road
     Chapel Hill, NC 27514 USA

All funds payable to "AGA" and must be in U.S. Currency)