Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #234

>From: Cathy Drzyzgula <milnor at netcom_com>
>Date: Wed, 09 Aug 95 04:47:55 -0700
>Subject: livebearers & plants?
>  I recently set up a 30 gal tank with the main purpose of propagating Java
>fern and possibly some crypts.  This is a relatively low-tech tank with 2
> 30W Vita-lites, an Aquaclear 200 and a Fluval 3 (for water movement). I haven't
>added any fish yet.
>     My husband has long wanted to have some livebearer's, probably guppies
>and/or platys.  Will I have trouble creating conditions acceptable to both
>the fish and the plants? How soft can the water be for livebearer's?  I have
>read that mollies are good for cycling a plant tank--do you ever put salt in
>for the fish--I wouldn't think the plants would like it much.  Thanks for any

Why do you need soft water for crypt and Java fern? Easier crypts
thrive in hard water, I raise crypts with my Tangyikan rift-lake cichlids.
I use 1 tsp of marine salt/gallon in those tanks. The crypts do best
in well lit tanks packed with livebearers where I use less salt. Perhaps
they don't like the pH above 8, I dunno.