I notice that there are small holes in some leaves which I think are
created by the snails. Mostly these leaves are the detached floaters
from the H poly so I'm not panicing. Hard to tell if the holes got there
after they floated or if that's why the leaves came off (snail attack)
The pond snails seem to prefer these loose leaves for feeding. It would
seem that most people don't (intentionally) keep pond snails or limphets
with their aquarium fish. I could poison them, but that might harm the
algae eaters or some delicate plants. Anybody know? I've heard that certain
kinds of fish eat snails. Is it loaches? What other eating habits do I need
to know about loaches? Do they like to eat fry? Any other methods for dealing
with snails? I'd still like to get some of those burrowing snails, if I could
find a source in Vancouver or Bellingham WA.

 - Steve