Aponogeton fruit


 >>My Ap. sp. (crispus x something, probably) has flowered and fruited.<<


 >>How should these fruits (which fertilized and developed underwater) be

 If you have very trustworthy fish, and fairly still water, the flower stalk
will start to die, and the seeds will eventually drop off the inflorence on
their own, sprout, and sink to the bottom.

 At that point, if they are left alone, they will root and develop into new
plants. You must be very careful though, to keep from disturbing them until
they have grown some good roots.  They are very small and easily uprooted in
the beginning.  They also seem to be quite tasty to fish with even slight
salad-eating tendencies!

 If you are concerned that your fish might not leave them alone, you can move
the whole flower stalk to a smaller tanks set up with good rich substrate and
good lighting and let the whole process take place in a more sheltered
environment.  If you are interested in maximizing your yield, this is
definitely the way to go.  But I usually have a few babies growing in my tanks
even with the casual approach.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 30-Jul-1995