Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #212

Hoho! Someone wants to know more about Ameca splendends.

I never received a note from David Whittaker, but our e-mail has
been profoundly unreliable over the last few months, this probably is

As far as the splendens goes, I've seen them in pet shops, they're
not that uncommon. You can see a small group of them on display
at the Steinhart aquarium, if you ever get out that way.

I saw Liisa's note where she claims Oleg has reneged on his statement
that they don't eat BGA. Well, Oleg was at my house and peeled some
BGA off of a plant, wadded it up into a small ball and threw it into
the splendens tank. It didn't even reach the bottom - munch!

George Booth asked me if they will eat other plants, I've never tried
them in anything other than the hornwort tank, mostly because they're
fairly scrappy fish and, in larger tanks, get pretty big. Look around
your better pet shops for them - if they're not in stock the dealers usually
can order them.