Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #212

Re Matt Kaufman and Ameca splendens:

>Matt Kaufman says......
>"Get a *real* algae eater, Ameca splendens, a smallish (platy sized)
>very hardy fish that eats hair algae, green spot algae and (get this
>net.sufferers,) blue-green algae.
>I put a colony of 6 into a 20L that had the surface covered in
>thick, robust green hair algae. The algae was threatening to engulf
>the few killies and the hornwort I had in there. Result? 1 month
>later, absolutely no algae in the tank, *no duckweed* (they eat that
>too) but a 20L *filled* with hornwort - imagine a hornwort ball
>30" long, 1 ft. high, 1ft deep and you'll be on target. The
>tank is very brightly lit with a shoplite with a 4' vitalite (hornwort
>seems to like that as well) and an agro-light.
>The splendens, not a really glamorous fish, is a goodeid, so its a livebearer
>with funny reproductive geometry that gives birth to few, but larger
>(1/3-1/2" long) young. Any fish that'll eat blue-green algae has a place
>in my fishroom.
>Find the splendens, you'll be much better off."
>I was interested in ridding myself of spot and especially hair algae
>so I sent him a note inquiring sources for A. splendens. I guess
>that his address has changed. It still was an intriguing statement.
>Has anyone else obtained the same results with this species or
>know where I might be able to source them

You can contact Matt at mattk at novell_com

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