Jordanella floridae (was Ameca splendens)

David Whittaker wrote: 

>Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:47:09 -0400
>Subject: Ameca splendens
>Liisa Sarakontu wrote....
>>I asked here some time ago about Ameca splendens and its ability to
>>eat algae. I had found deep from aquaria archived few saved messages
>>about Ameca splendens eating blue-green algae and how somebody had
>>seen that happens in Oleg Kiselev's tank. Well, now I asked Oleg
>>about that and he said that it eats only some types of green algae,
>>not blue-green.
I would tend to trust Oleg on this one. His observations are pretty 
>The splendens, not a really glamorous fish,
>Find the splendens, you'll be much better off."
Why not have the best of both worlds?

I have had excellent results with Jordanella floridae (American-Flag fish) 
which are a truly glamorous pupfish. The are as colorful as a dwarf gourami, 
and scarf up impressive amounts of algae of all kinds (except blue green, 
probably). They also eat duckweed and other soft plants, but will move right 
on to your Echinodorus, if the other supplies of veggies get too low. They 
need some animal food too, to be full colored and really attractive.