Re: Terrestrial pathos in tank.

>From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> ...
>I know that pathos is about as close to a weed as you can get,
>and it grows pretty well anywhere.  Can it grow fully submerged?

I assume you meant "Pothos."  I tried to grow it submerged for a few months.
It initially developed new roots and even new leaves, but after a few months
it just stopped doing well, developed holes in the leaves, and I removed it.
This is not proof that it can't be grown submerged. ;-)  Perhaps I just
didn't have the right conditions/nutrients for it (I did have CO2 injection,
but I also had fish that liked to nip at the new leaves).  I know some
people are really against growing terrestrial plants underwater, but I heard
other people have had very good luck with Philodendron.  I tried Pothos
because it's the closest to Philodendron I had around.  ;-)