Ameca splendens and Re: Fishroom

I asked here some time ago about Ameca splendens and its ability to
eat algae. I had found deep from aquaria archived few saved messages
about Ameca splendens eating blue-green algae and how somebody had
seen that happens in Oleg Kiselev's tank. Well, now I asked Oleg
about that and he said that it eats only some types of green algae,
not blue-green.
> Is there a "fishroom" meeting this weekend?  I finally got access
> through the HP Firewall.  Got in, looked around, nobody was there. 
> Bummer. 
> George

There is the plant meeting every Saturday at 20:00 GMT (That's
23:00 Finnish time and 3 PM Fishroom, or St. Louis time). Hope to see
you there. Too bad there is no voice connection, otherwise I could
demostrate how scientific names should be pronounced :-)

Barret from Japan, I believe that the Golden algae eater you
mentioned is the yellow colour morph of Chinese algae eater,
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri.

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