CO2 system with low consumption

> From: lippey at tft_ptg.sony.co.jp (Barret Lippey)

Very interesting post, Barret.  The prices you mentioned made me

> Is it safe to reduce the surface area of the fishtank?  (The trapped
> oxygen in the diffusion system should help.  I never see any signs of
> oxygen starvation in the fish.)

If the plants are growing well (and it sounds like they are) and the
fish are doing fine, it looks like it is safe. The plants are adding
oxygen and using CO2.  You have been very careful in balancing things.

> Will the filter still be able to process ammonia/nitrites with such a
> limited amount of operation?

I would guess not but the plants are probably helping out quite a
bit.  You didn't mention ammonia, nitrite or nitrate levels.  If the 
ammonia and nitrite are zero, the plants are doing the job.  You will
also find that a lot of nitrifying bacteria grows on the gravel and
glass.  The actual "filter" is mostly just a backup in most well kept
> The algae seems to be under control and the plants need to
> be trimmed about once every two weeks. 

> Will the plants still be able to grow maximally even though the Dupla
> regimen of constant water motion is not being followed?

I think you answered your own question.  The plants seem to be doing
very well. 

> Is this entire idea totally crazy and useless?

Actually, just the opposite.  I would suspect you'll get requests for
more information.