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> From: mleather at tbdmil_com
>Subject: Co2 question

>        Okay I have decided to move my 80 gallon tank into our family room
>and with the movement to add CO2.  Now I have a couple questions for those
>of you experience in CO2.  What should I estimate as the average cost of a
>CO2 sytem that is low maintance?  And again what should I consider that the
>aerage cost is going to be to keep rechareging the system?

My first post to this list.
I have been pricing systems in Houston, Tx.  I followed the posts on the net 
since Xmas on various homemade systems, Coke bottle and yeast, buying a used 
tank, or even a "coke syrup tank thingy" etc... And i finally decided on a 
"Tetra C02 injection system",  it was $109.  The tank or really bottle is 
small 7ozs.  It costs 3$ there to refill.
I have a 90 gallon tank and the salesman estimated my bottle would last 1-2 
This was 29$ more than buying all the parts tank,regulator used or 
seperately.  It also contained a very nice C02 chamber system that is quite 
attractive compared to what I would have to build.
The salesman told me thou he thought Tetra was discontinueing (sp?) this 

John Coggeshall
Proud owner of a 90 Gallon plant tank (48 hours old) + 2 black mollies 
(algae patrol)
First report : water cloudy (everyone says thats normal thou)