Re: Pronunciation--scientists vs. Greek and Latin (15 rounds)

>From: martin-h at mail_utexas.edu (Martin Harriman)
>Date: Wed, 26 Jul 1995 02:45:46 -0500
>Aren't botanical names fun?  Since they are an interesting mix of Greek,
>Latin, and proper names from around the world, there are no universal rules
>for pronouncing this stuff.  There aren't even universal rules for
>pronouncing the Greek and Latin, I'm afraid.


There is a book called Botanical Latin, by Stearns, at least in its
4th edition, which covers the wacky world of current cladistic namings
of the plant world.  It has a small section on pronunciation.  His
basic idea was if it sounds nice and everyone knows what words you're
saying it doesn't matter how you pronounce things.  He thens goes into
the topic a bit more but doesn't get up-tight about it.

Keith Rogers
krogers at es_com