re:New light source

>"In this new light bulb, sulfur excited by microwaves emits a bright
>white light. At the DOE's headquarters, a sulfur bulb at each end of
>one 240-foot-long light pipe replaced 240 individual 175-watt
>high-intensity lamps. One Tootsie-Pop-size lamp gives off the same
>light as more than 250 standard 100 watt incandescent bulbs."

I remember reading this article.  The two questions I had at the time were:  

1.  Is it economical on a smaller scale?

2.  What will be the commercial cost of such a system when it hits the market?

This type of lighting sounds really interesting, and could be quite useful, but 
is it going to be something that is useful on a per-aquarium basis?  Or even, 
could we use it to light multiple tanks in a fish room?  I can see some great 
applications for it if it's economical enough to use on a smaller scale than a 
parking garage.

I don't know.  It will be interesting to find out.

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