Plant name pronunciation

The book on plant names _Dictionary of Plant Names_ by Allen J. Coombes
is published by Timber Press, ISBN 0-88192-023-1. My copy was printed in 1991,
I don't know if it is still available.  I bought it at a retail book store,
possibly Borders. I looked up about 5 examples and it seems to have most
aquatic plants listed (includes many species names as well as genuses).  I
also have a book titled _Botanical Latin_ by William T. Stearn (ISBN 
0-7153-8548-8) which gives a good 4 page summary of pronunciation rules for
botanical Latin.  

I would be willing to try to add pronunciations to the list of plants compiled
by George Booth if people would find this useful. It would take me a while,
but give me practice using this editor (which I could use).  I have the version
updated in July 1994 by Neil Frank--is this the most recent?e