FYI: Better deals than TFP (Toronto Area)

I apologize first that this may only interest some of the Canadian readers
in this group (many of whom are in the Toronto area). There is a local pet
store chain called PetStuff that is closing. They currently have a 60% off 
sale on all aquarium related items. I just picked up a 48" 55gal tank for 
CAN$60, a Fluval 403 for CAN$67, and a Penguin 300 w/Bio-wheel for CAN$25. 
This is a lot cheaper than even TFP, given the US$1 = CAN$1.40 exchange 
rate. I also bought some plant fertilizers, water conditioners, and misc. 
supplies, all at 60% off regular price.

Again, I am sorry if this is not directly related to plants. I just 
thought some of you fellow Canucks have been paying for too much for too 
long for the same stuff our American friends get for much less :(. I am 
still looking for a reasonably priced CO2 regulator (sth less than $150) 

PS. I am not associated with PetStuff in anyway; just hope someone might 
benefit if you are in the market for some equipment (actually I wasn't 
until I saw the prices :-)).

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