plant name pronunciation, CO2 reactor and other stuff

> From: milnor at netcom_com (Cathy Drzyzgula)
> Regarding the pronunciation of "hygrophilla", my copy of _Dictionary of 
> Plant Names_ by Allen J. Coombes says that the pronunciation is
>     hi-GRO-fi-la and the roots of the word are hygros (moist) and

Thanks Cathy.  Does this book cover lots of aquatic plants?  Is this a
library reference book?  Where did you get it?  Do you have any
inclination to give us the pronounciation of *lots* of aquatic plant
> From: mleather at tbdmil_com
> Now what is DIY reactor?  Cannot I just bubble the CO2 through an air stone
> or is that really ineffecient?  Also what about the comercial CO2 systems
> like Tetra makes, are they any good or just plain unbelievably expensive?

A reactor is just some kind of mechanism to keep the CO2 in contact
with the water long enough for some of it to dissolve. An airstone at
the bottom of a tube (like a gravel siphon attachment) with the water
going from top to bottom is such a device.  Running the CO2 into the
intake of a canister filter is another. You could use a "counter
current protein skimmer" to get the same effect. The Dupla CO2 Starter
Kit uses a device like an airstone to create real fine bubbles.
Simple schemes are cheap but inefficient; you waste some CO2.
However, simple schemes are less prone to overdosing if something goes
wrong.  A Dupla Reactor "S" can kill fish in a manner of minutes if
run full bore.
> Then in another article George mentioned his WWW page.  What is the address
> that I can pull it up on George?

Sorry, I was unclear.  Lots of my stuff is in the "Krib" page set up
and maintained by Erik Olson: