C02 Delivery system

Hi Folks:
        On page 238 of this month's FAMA a company called Superior Aquatic
Technology has for sale a "C02 Delilvery System" that includes:

-valved tank external reactor
-20 disposable cartridges
-c02 test kit (150 tests)
-cartridge dispenser
-alkalizer(4.5 oz)
-aquatic green plant aid (4oz)

 for $132.00 US.

I was wondering if anyone out there has tried this system or heard anything
about it? The cartridges look a lot like those you would use in a pellet
gun. Supposedly each cartridge will fill the reactor six times but details
on how it works are non-existent beyond that.
I'm guessing that the cartridge dispenser somehow injects C02 into the
reactor but how accurate are they?
On the surface it sure sounds inviting compared to the  expense of some of
the other commercially available systems and the mess of DIY.
                                                     thanks in advance
                                                        John Cochran
                                                 Saanichton, British Columbia

John Cochran
 jcochran at pinc_com