>> Fruthermore diferent plants require different amounts and spectums of
rays.  Examples my crypts can never survive with my swords because if i give
my swords enough light to flurish i'm burning my crypts out. <<

 While different plants come from shady and sunny areas in nature, (although
many can adapt to either) I beg to differ on Crypts and Swords _NEEDING_ to
have different amount of light.  My Crypts and Swords live very happily in the
same tanks.  Some seem happier in the shade of larger plants, but others are
at least as happy out in the open, receiving all the light available.  Oh, and
how are the Swords doing?  I am currently bringing along a 3rd generation
Bleheri Sword. The parent and grandparent plants were sold when they outgrew
their 20" deep tank!

 >> So in reality no scale is perfect only a starting point which can then be
tuned for your particular situation. <<

 Agree with you completely there!

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 23-Jul-1995