ProNUNciation :)

> From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com
> New subject: pronunciation of plant names
> Listening to George on tape made me realize how much differently I pronounce
> some words like Hygrophila (maybe it's George who's different ;-) I say it:
> HIGH - grow - fill - ah and George says it high - GRAW - fill - ah.  Anybody 
> besides George and me know the correct pronunciation.  Maybe it's because I'm 
> a Canadian, eh?  ;-)

I used to pronounce it like a disease ("Hi-grow-FEEL-e-ya"), before 
noting there is no extra i.  George fluffs a few himself, as I seem to 
remember from his video.

So a couple months ago someone suggested making a bunch of sound files 
for the Krib/FAQ with pronounciations of every fish in existence.  I 
laughably said "Sure, go ahead and make it.  I'll archive it."  However, 
it's possible we could do this for plants, assuming there really IS a 
"correct" way.

Some day I'm going to write an article for the local society, titled 
"There is no L in tubifex" that explains some of these.  Or maybe a 
"pronounciation of the day" on rec.aquaria?

  - Erik

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