Re: Watts/gallon guidelines

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995 Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:

> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca>
> Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 11:01:00 -0400 
> Subject: re: Watts/gallon guidelines 
> There are people who keep plants with 1 watt/gallon of wide-spectrum lighting
> (for example, Kevin Osborne, though he is not in much favor on the Internet.)

I have a similar setup.  I have 80 watts over my 75 gallon tank, with 
great results.  I have one 40 watt GE Chroma 50 and one 40 watt Growlux 
Wide Spectrum.  I've been meaning to write about how well this has worked 
for me, but....  :)


Peter Konshak
pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu