Re:CO2 tanks that blow out

>Does anyone know how much volume the 5lbs of CO2 will occupy at atmospheric
>pressure?  I wonder if the scenerio above happened while the windows were
>closed, would it suffocate people in a small house or apartment?
I get 40.77 cu.ft.:  5 lb x 453.6g/lb x 1 mole CO2/44g x 22.4 L/mole x 1cu.
ft./28.32L = 40.77 cu. ft.

A 20ft x 30ft x 10 ft room would have 6,000 cu ft.  40.77 cu ft of CO2
would be 0.68% of that volume, less than 1 percent.  If it were mixed
thoroughly in that volume of air, you might breathe a little faster than
normal, but, you wouldn't notice much stress.  You breathe out 2 to 3
percent CO2.

Which gets me back to my method of producing CO2.  I'm curious to know why
your comment about it was, "very funny".

Paul Krombholz