Re: CO2 Volume

Whoa! Major bummer. Sorry folks, I must have been still sleeping this morning.
I forgot that the CO2 in the bottles is in liquid form and, of course, my whole calculation is wrong.

Try again:

Molecular weight of CO2: 44 -> 44 grams => 1 Mol

5 US lbs => 2.27 kg => 51.6 Mol CO2

1 Mol of gas at atmospheric pressure => 22.4 l

51.6 Mol CO2 =>1156 l CO2

which, of course means that approximately 1156 l of CO2 are in a 5 lb bottle.

Again, let's assume our 25 cubic meter room, we would get a CO2 concentration of 4.6 percent. Still not dangerous, but definitely noticeable.


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