My CO2/O2 problems

> As far as Joanne's problem tank, I also doubt that CO2 injection was the cause
> of the problem.  I suspect either a bad combination of chemical buffers or a
> bacterial outbreak caused by a sick fish.  It's my understanding that a
> bacterial outbreak can cause cloudiness and the lack of oxygen evidenced by fish
> gasping at the surface (although I have never observed this thankfully :-).
> Yeast & sugar leaking into a tank would not have this effect although you might
> notice a small amount of cloudiness depending upon the volume of the leak.
> Joanne, why not mix some of the chemicals you used at the time of this incident
> in a large jar of water (possibly from your aquarium) and see if you get this
> same cloudiness? If not, I think the bacterial outbreak is the most likely
> cause.
>  - Steve

I am in the process of doing an experiment to see what the buffer alone does.
I filled two 4 gal buckets with tap water last night to let them sit overnight.
One bucket I put one tablespoon of the buffer in & it turned cloudy.  I
will measure the CO2 & O2 content in both tonight, then bubble CO2 into
each one overnight & see if the buffered one gets significantly higher CO2
& lower O2 levels.

By the way, I will be on vacation from Saturday 22nd through Sunday 30th.
I will continue to get the aquatic-plants postings but won't be able to
respond to any questions directed specifically to me until I get back.