>> Subject: Yeast Explosion <<


 >> I have two 10 lb. CO2 tanks and a regulator--anything I can do that will
make a reliable system for $100 or less? <<

 While nothing can keep you from running out of CO2 but checking the regulator
regularly, (say that 3 times fast<g>)

 There _are_ steps you can take to make things safer for your fish, even
without a fully automated system.  First, IMO you should _NEVER_ feed CO2 into
an aquarium from a pressurized tank without a needle valve for fine flow

 When I first started using supplemental CO2, I had what I've been told was a
very rare accident.  The diaphragm inside my regulator burst, emptying the
whole 5 lbs of CO2 into my tank in just a few minutes.  All the fish died.

 Now my CO2 systems are set up with tubing going from the regulator to the
needle valve, then to the tank.  That way, with a sudden increase in pressure
due to either a massive failure, or someone tampering with the valve, the
"weak" spot is the tubing before the needle valve.  The tubing will burst,
allowing the CO2 to vent without gassing my fish!

 As George mentioned, your reactor is not the problem, the control of CO2
going in _is_!  My reactors are either the business end of a gravel vac, or an
Evian water bottle with the bottom cut off.  Both versions work fine, and are
obviously high dollar items!<g>

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 18-Jul-1995